Flexible Road Track- Express Set (44 Pcs)


Let’s travel from Cityside to Expressway with our 44pc Roadtrack Express Set.

The set includes Straight- 8, Roundabout- 8, Zebra- 2, Right curve- 20, Left curve- 4 and Parking- 2

Just grab your Road Track and start your adventurous journey!  

First build a city section where your child can place his/her houses, trees and park cars in the parking section. Then build a expressway for long car rides.

Made with child safe high quality rubber, tracks are waterproof and easy to wash.

Recommended for 3+ yr


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Est Delivery Date 3rd June 2022 - 7th June 2022

Additional Information

  • Description

    Play indoors or outdoors, play inside your bathtub or by the pool…

    Stick on the curvy board or on your fridge, on the glass wall of your living room or bathroom wall…

    Play gentle or rough, on the high road or main road…

    Just set up your tracks anywhere and create your own city, your township or any play idea around it.

    It goes along with our existing 24pc Road Track set and can be combined with Wooden Bridges, Rainbow Stackers, Car sets and Peg dolls for an explosion of hours of open-ended play.

    Note: Your track set may or may not have Playbug logo.